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Active Safety

Advanced technology to help prevent accidents

The philosophy behind our Active Safety technology is to ‘help guarantee the safety of our cars, while supporting our drivers in the prevention of accidents.’

Minimising the danger
When driving you rely instinctively on three abilities: recognition, judgement and manoeuvring. Incredibly, 70% of accidents are the result of drivers not realising the potential dangers around them, so it is particularly important for us to develop safety systems that minimise the risk of danger, often without our drivers even being aware they exist.

Orientation of Active Safety

You stay in control

Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) is part of our Vehicle Dynamic Integrated Management (VDIM) concept and has been developed by us to control vehicle instability using an advanced braking system. As an example, if you began to lose grip and control when steering around a wet bend in the road, our VSC and VDIM systems would intervene by applying brake pressure to individual wheels along with steering angle, to regain control and reduce the risk of incident.

Pre Crash Safety

As well as our Active Safety systems we use the very latest technology to further improve the basic functionality of your Toyota: acceleration, steering and braking. Making sure these are all honed by our engineers means we can reduce accidents even further.